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Working with Joint-Stock Companies

Working with Joint-Stock Companies

A joint-stock company is a public, corporate form of business which cannot exist and efficiently develop without performing certain corporate management procedures which provide coordination of opinions of numerous shareowners for adoption and implementation of managerial and business decisions. These procedures are governed by a great number of statutory acts, sometimes incomplete and contradictory, which together constitute corporate law.

Non-compliance with norms and requirements of corporate law leads to various conflicts, legal suits, corporate wars, etc.

  • Reorganization of a joint-stock company (CJSC, OJSC) into another form of incorporation (limited liability company, additional liability company, etc);
  • Rendering statutory documents of joint-stock companies compliant with the Law of Ukraine “On Joint-Stock Companies” (changing the type of a joint-stock company (CJST, OJSC) to a private/public joint-stock company);
  • Registration of changes in statutory documents of joint-stock companies;
  • Dematerialization of shares of joint-stock companies (transfer of shares into non-documentary form);
  • Registration of private joint-stock companies and public joint-stock companies;
  • Registration of decrease or increase of the authorized capital of joint-stock companies;
  • Legal support in registration procedure of share or bond issue;
  • Legal support in termination of share turnover, revocation of registration of share issue, voidance of certificates on share registration;
  • Preparation and holding of general meetings of shareholders;
  • Provision of legal advice for joint-stock companies.