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Business Bankruptcy

Business Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is the branch of jurisprudence which regulates issues associated with financial insolvency, i.e. the inability of a business entity to fulfill its financial obligations to its creditors including payroll and tax obligations as well as bankruptcy issues, that is the procedure of recognition by economic court of the debtor’s inability to restore its solvency and to fulfill creditors’ demands by means of liquidation procedure.

Our law firm can solve the following issues related to this branch of law:

  • legal advice on bankruptcy issues;
  • bankruptcy process initialization on the part of a business entity or its debtors;
  • legal assistance in carrying out the bankruptcy process;
  • carrying out liquidation process;
  • legal services in conducting sanation;
  • loan write-off;
  • release from debts and discharge of bankruptcy;
  • legal services in recovery of indebtedness from a business entity which is going through the bankruptcy process;
  • protection of parties’ interests in court.