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Corporate Law

Corporate Law

Corporate law is the body of rules which govern social relations associated with formation and activities of corporations (forms of legal entities) on the basis of legal private management methods. Corporate law is a branch of economic law and is inextricably connected with it.

The subjects of corporate law comprise legal entities, their participants, founders, members, shareholders, contributors of corporations and other business companies; management bodies of legal entities; state administrative bodies (Securities and Stock Market State Commission, Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, State Property Fund, local state administrations, etc.).

The grounds for corporate relations to arise can be as follows: creation of a business entity, reorganization of a legal entity, termination of activities of a business entity, conclusion of a corporate rights purchase agreement, buying of business assets, investing, amalgamation of companies, withdrawal of a company participant.

Our company provides numerous services within the scope of corporate law:

  • assistance in creation of corporations and other business companies in the territory of Ukraine and in other countries;
  • consultation on issues associated with creation of business entities by non-residents, investing, and registration of foreign investments;
  • legal advice on issues related to reorganization of business entities;
  • support in increase or decrease of authorized capital, withdrawal of a participant of a business entity;
  • Due diligence;
  • legal support in investment projects;
  • drawing up of various agreements: cooperation agreements, corporate rights purchase agreement, shareholders’ agreement, investment agreements and other agreements associated with transfer of ownership of corporate rights;
  • assistance in pre-trial resolution of corporate disputes;
  • representation of business company participants' interests in courts;
  • assistance in procedure of termination of business entity activities.