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Financial Law

Financial Law

Financial Law is the body of legal rules regulating social relations, which arise in the course of formation, distribution and usage of money funds (financial resources) of the state and local authorities, business entities and individuals which are required for accomplishing of their tasks.

This section also includes banking activities, laws specifying policy and procedures of foreign currency turnover, relations between banking institutions and their clients.

We are ready to provide advice on bank crediting, mortgage commitments, bail bonds, guarantees to private clients as well as render legal assistance in other issues of financial and banking law.

Relevant legal services provided by our company:

  • advice on banking, financial and currency law issues;
  • assistance in merger and takeover of business entities;
  • assistance and advice on placement of securities, bonds and certificates;
  • legal support in mortgage and unsecured lending;
  • establishment of separate subdivisions, liquidation and reorganization of banks and other financial institutions.