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Economic Law

Economic Law

Economic law is the branch of law which regulates relations arising in the course of organization and performance of business activities. The parties to relations governed by economic law comprise legal entities and individuals carrying out entrepreneurial activities (involving profit making) and non-entrepreneurial activities (without profit-making). The grounds for economic legal relations to arise can be as follows: establishment of a business entity, conclusion of an agreement, infliction of damage to another entity, a judicial decision, etc.

Our company provides the following services in the field of economic law:

  • registration of companies, branches and representative offices;
  • drawing up of constituent documents for branches and representative offices;
  • development of agreements: supply, lease, loan, service agreements, etc.;
  • legal support in signing of the said agreements;
  • representation of the client’s interests in interaction with government bodies;
  • legal advice on taxation;
  • lawyer’s services in legal analysis of all types of agreements;
  • pre-trial dispute resolution;
  • conducting of cases in court;
  • claims handling;
  • development of internal documents including records of proceedings and articles of association;
  • provision of all kinds of legal services to companies on the basis of subscription fee payment.