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Disputes With Tax Administration and the Ministry of the Interior

Disputes With Tax Administration and the Ministry of the Interior

The main category of claims against tax administration comprises actions of invalidation of decisions made by the State Tax Administration (acts of non-normative nature) and those associated with additional charge of tax in default on applying financial sanctions. If money has already been deducted, the plaintiff raises the issue of refunding or offset of the money against future payments. It should be taken into account that refunding of the taxes which have already been collected or financial sanctions through the courts is considered by tax officers to be a serious conflict between the entrepreneur and the tax authority. Being aware of this fact, entrepreneurs seldom undertake such action, so it is up to you to decide

  • Profit taxation of companies;
  • Excise duties and charges;
  • Tax planning;
  • Tax mitigation;
  • Advice on collection of tax debts;
  • Taxation of financial operations;
  • Taxation of investment activities;
  • Administrative appeal against decisions of tax inspection (drawing up of complaints and administrative claims);
  • Representation in tax authorities (drawing up of requests, statements, complaints, applications, provision of answers to demands of state tax administration bodies);
  • Representation of the client’s interests in court for tax disputes;
  • Appeals against decisions of tax authorities;
  • Protection during examinations carried out by FTS.
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