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Tax Law

Tax Law

Ukrainian law Company provides advice on tax law to individuals and legal entities. Varying interpretations of tax rules by the bodies of the State Tax Administration of Ukraine and complicated regulations for maintenance of tax records often bewilder taxpayers. This results in taxpayers’ inaccurate or tardy actions which in their turn lead to pecuniary penalties, sanctions, seizure of operation accounts and other troubles. In order to exercise your rights within the scope of tax law correctly, the best way is to obtain high quality legal support.

We offer the following services:

  • oral and written advice on all types of taxes and obligatory payments;
  • assistance in receiving individual clarification on taxes;
  • legal services for drawing up and filling of income and property tax returns;
  • tax mitigation (tax planning), establishment of accounting policy, tailored tax solutions for different projects;
  • representation of the client’s interests in his relationship with tax authorities;
  • support for judicial procedures in disputes with tax authorities.

Whenever you contact our company in order to resolve tax issues, you receive high quality services along with a number of undeniable advantages which comprise the following:

  • availability of highly qualified and skillful lawyers who specialize in tax law;
  • individual attention;
  • promptness and quality of provided services.