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Representation in Court

Representation in Court

In every person’s life, as well as in operation of a company, there are sometimes problems which cannot be settled by negotiation and in this case the only possible legal way to solve them is judicial recourse.

If you believe that somebody inflicted some harm on you, violated your rights and lawful interests by his or her actions or inactions, you will have to assert your rights in court. Or vice versa: an unjustified claim is made against you by other persons.

Representation of the client’s interests in court may comprise the following:

  • Legal examination of presented documents, determining the legal view and court prospects;
  • Elaborating tactics for conducting of the case;
  • Lodging a claim and/or conducting negotiations on out-of-court amicable settlement of the dispute, if necessary;
  • Preparation of cases for the court proceedings (drawing up of a statement of claim, statement of defense, counterclaims, applications, payment of the state fee and other charges, etc.);
  • Conducting cases in court;
  • Preparation of appeals and cassations.