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Privatisation and Changing of Land Plot Intended Use

Privatisation and Changing  of Land Plot Intended Use

Privatization is alienation of property of state enterprises, establishments, organizations, housing stock and land resources which is a part of community or public property in favour of individuals and legal entities who can be buyers in compliance with the privatization laws. Privatization of land. Changing intended use of land plots.

  • Preparation and registration of certificates of title to land plots;
  • Assigning cadastral numbers to land plots;
  • Preparation of land allocation projects and technical documentation;
  • Changing intended use of land plots on a turnkey basis;
  • Preparation of regular cadastral plans of land plots;

Changing of Land Plot Intended Use

Every land plot has certain intended use, regulating possible ways of its usage. If a need arises to use the land plot for the purposes which are not foreseen in the existing intended use, the owner of the land plot may initiate changing of intended use of the land plot to the needed one. However, the current legislation of Ukraine stipulates some restrictions and requirements related to changing intended use of land plots.

  • preparation of the set of documents needed to change intended use;
  • elaboration and approval of project documentation;
  • document maintenance in all authorities and regulatory bodies;
  • receiving of preliminary conclusions on possibility or impossibility to change intended use of a land plot from specialists of our company or form relevant authorities;
  • preparation and coordinated approval of an urban planning conclusion.