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Civil Law

Civil Law

Civil law is the branch of law which comprises provisions regulating property and personal non-property social relations. Parties to civil law relations are as follows: individuals and legal entities authorized by the current legislation, government and territorial communities. All the entities involved in the legal relationship are peer: they have equal rights and obligations.

Property relations are relations of economic nature associated with possession, use and administration of property. The most important rights include the property right and the right to payment for provided services or executed work.

Personal non-property rights are those that do not have any economic component. The essential non-property rights include the right to life, the right to health protection, the right to respect of honour and dignity, the right to free movement, the right to choose a place of residence and the right to creativity freedom.

The grounds for emergence of civil rights and obligations comprise the following: conclusion of transactions; creation of intellectual and creative activity objects, infliction of pecuniary and nonpecuniary damage to other persons; promulgations of a legislative act, issuing a court decision and the like.

Our law firm distinguishes this sphere of legal relationship as one of the main ones in its practice.

Our services provided within the scope of civil law include the following:

  • legal assistance in estimation of damage and loss and their indemnity;
  • legal services for debt recovery;
  • legal support for registration and protection of copyright and intellectual property rights;
  • representation in court for division of property;
  • drawing up of purchase agreements;
  • preparation of lease agreements;
  • preparation of gift agreements;
  • preparation of powers of attorney;
  • drawing up of insurance contracts;
  • legal analysis of contracts;
  • legal support for contract signing;
  • registration of contracts;
  • invalidating of a transaction or declaration of its nullity;
  • protection of consumers’ rights;
  • legal support (assistance) in accession to an estate, will contests, restoration of missed time limits;
  • assistance in solving disputable issues with public utility companies;
  • legal support in real estate transactions (purchasing, selling, exchange, investment, pledge, etc.)

Civil law is also fundamental for numerous branches. In particular, it specifies the bases of family and inheritance law, as well as intellectual property law.