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Labour Law

Labour Law

Labour law is the branch of law which governs legal relationship between employers and employees. Labour law provisions specify the procedure of arising, conducting and termination of labour activity. Labour law governs issues associated with the entire process of labour activity: working time, rest time, salary, labour protection, social insurance, work of women and children, activity of trade unions, resolution of labour disputes. The subjects of labour law relations are individuals and legal entities, state and local authorities. The parties to labour law relations are employers and employees. The ground for arising of labour relations is conclusion of an employment agreement either in oral or written form.

Ukrainian law Company provides the following services in the field of labour law:

  • conducting court cases related to illegal dismissal or reemployment;
  • advice on employment or reinstatement;
  • legal advice on provisions of the current labour legislation of Ukraine;
  • legal assistance in case of transfer to another job, change in of salary or labour conditions, temporary suspension of labour relations due to work stoppages or maternity leave;
  • legal advice in case of dismissal;
  • legal advice and assistance on recovery of pecuniary penalty from employees in case of infliction of damage to the company;
  • development of standing orders;
  • drawing up of collective agreements, in particular, labour agreements;
  • development of labour agreements, in particular, labour contracts;
  • development of provisions on commercial secrets and confidential information;
  • elaboration of internal instructions, provisions and procedures;
  • registration of collective agreements;
  • registration of labour agreements between individuals;
  • legal assistance to parties in solving labour disputes;
  • legal support in obtaining employment authorizations for foreigners.