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Housing Law

Housing Law

Housing law is the body of legal norms which regulate exercising of the right to housing; granting dwelling premises for use; housing stock management, operation and care; capital construction and current housing development; exclusion of uninhabitable houses and premises from the housing stock; consideration of housing disputes and other relevant issues. The subjects of this branch of law comprise legal entities, individuals and the state. The grounds for arising of housing law relationship include the following: acquisition or possibility of acquisition of property rights to housing or rights to its use. A distinctive feature of housing law lies in the fact that the object of its relationship comprises housing stock and their premises only.

Ukrainian law Company provides the following legal services in the field of housing law:

  • maintenance of real estate;
  • legal assistance in resolution of disputes concerning occupancy and eviction (by judicial procedure or amicable settlement);
  • legal assistance in transferring of premises from the housing stock to the non-housing stock and vice versa;
  • legal advice and assistance in establishing of housing cooperatives;
  • legal advice and assistance in privatization of housing;
  • drawing up and legal analysis of dwelling purchase agreements;
  • elaboration and legal analysis of dwelling lease agreements;
  • drawing up of dwelling gift agreement;
  • legal analysis of agreements for their compliance with the legislation in force;
  • invalidation of agreements by judicial procedure;
  • drawing up of statements of claim, appeals and cassations on housing issues;
  • representation of the Client’s interests in court in cases concerning housing disputes;
  • of an attorney in court for cases associated with division of property.