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International Law

International Law

International Law – International law is the body of rules and provisions which govern relationship of authoritative nature between states and other parties to international intercourse. This definition implies that the most important features of international law are special relations which, in their turn, are regulated by a system of provisions and legal rules and a specific circle of parties who take part in international intercourse.

The relationship governed by rules of international law comprises relations between states, between states and international intergovernmental organisations, between states and state-like formations and between international intergovernmental organisations. These relations constitute the subject-matter of international law.

Rules of international law are universally binding regulations for activities and relations of subjects of international law and other parties. Provisions of international law are characterised by the same peculiarities as domestic rules. A rule specifies a universally binding regulation for all the parties to the relations and is applied repeatedly. International law is divided into public international law and private international law.

Working towards maximum possible mitigation of risks related to entering into international agreements and contracts. Since there is less information available on activities of foreign organisations than that of domestic ones, this kind of legal assistance also includes so-called “business intelligence” and analysis of data on the organization concerned and its activities.

We provide the following legal services for legal entities:

  • registration of representative offices of foreign companies in Ukraine
  • legal assistance in investing by way of acquiring shares (stocks) of existing companies in the territory of Ukraine
  • registration of new companies with foreign investments
  • registration of subsidiary companies, branches and other structural subdivisions of foreign companies
  • advice and legal assistance on other investment issues
  • legal support in performing real estate operations
  • due diligence

We provide the following legal services for individual non-residents (citizens of other countries):

  • registration of marriage and divorce
  • conducting family and inheritance dispute cases
  • support in issues associated with obtaining authorisation documents
  • employment authorization
  • residence permit
  • certificate of a taxpayer identification number assignment