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Land Law

Land Law

Land law is the branch of law which governs relationship associated with possession, use (for creation of recreation areas, in agriculture, for construction) and administration (selling, transfer by gift) of land. The subjects of land law relations include individuals and legal entities, local authorities and government bodies. The objects of land law relationship are lands in the territory of Ukraine, land plots and property rights to land plots, including rights to land shares.

The most popular services of our company in regard to land law are as follows:

  • legal advice on issues of land selling and buying;
  • legal advice on issues related to land lease;
  • provision of advice on land servitude;
  • drawing up of agreements on the right to land: buying and selling, lease, servitude, emphyteusis, superficies, etc;
  • legal support in signing of the said agreements;
  • legal services in registration of title to land;
  • legal assistance in registration of the land use right;
  • registration of the limited land use right;
  • legal assistance in changing the intended use of land;
  • legal support in privatization of land;
  • invalidation of government bodies’ resolutions on privatization, lease or transfer of ownership of a land plot;
  • attorney’s services in land plot boundary disputes.

Civil law is also fundamental for numerous branches. In particular, it specifies the bases of family and inheritance law, as well as intellectual property law.